Illustration by Dan Matutina
By Christopher Tkaczyk
February 19, 2016

Corporate reputation isn’t a popularity contest. It’s the result of a finely tuned combination of several ingredients—some may refer to them as blood, sweat, and tears—that ultimately render success. Fortune refers to those ingredients as our 9 Key Attributes.

To determine our annual list of the World’s Most Admired companies, Fortune turns to a network of 4,000 analysts, board directors, and C-suite executives who watch the world’s biggest companies every day. They are investors, consumers, and business insiders who keep an eye on the markets, listen to earnings calls, and follow the Fortune 500 and Global 500 with a keen interest. We ask them to evaluate their peers within their respective industries and rate every company on those nine key attributes: quality of management and leadership, quality of products or services, innovativeness, community responsibility, the wise use of corporate assets, a company’s effectiveness in running a global business, its value as a long-term investment, the soundness of its financial position, and the ability to attract and retain talent.

The No.1 company on Fortune‘s list of the Top 50 All-Stars is Apple (appl), which has held the top spot for nine consecutive years and scored highly this year in eight of the nine attribute categories (the only area it didn’t place is Community Responsibility). Among the other companies in the Top 50, only five scored highly in multiple attribute categories: Alphabet (goog), Facebook (fb), Walt Disney (dis), Nike (nke), and Starbucks (sbux).

This year’s industry lists include 340 companies that are ranked across 54 industries. See below to find out the score and rank for the top 10 companies in each of the nine key attribute categories (an asterisk denotes a tie) and then check out the entire 2016 list of Fortune‘s World’s Most Admired Companies at


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