Donald Trump tied with Pope Francis.
Photography by Robyn Beck — AFP/Getty Images
By Michal Addady
December 28, 2015

Americans think Donald Trump is on par with the Pope.

In an annual Gallup survey which measures global figures most admired by Americans, President Barack Obama was selected as the most admired man for his eighth year in a row with a total of 17%. Trump and Pope Francis tied at second with 5%.

This marks Trump’s fifth time cracking the top 10. He was voted as one of the most admirable men from 1988 through 1990, and then again in 2011 when he was considering a presidential run. Past surveys have included names such as Richard Nixon and Pope John Paul II.

This year’s sample size was 824 adults, all of whom were surveyed in an open-ended manner. Because no options are laid out, people tend to choose names who are prominent in the media, and the sitting president generally claims the top spot.

Hillary Clinton has been voted as the most admirable woman with 13% of the vote and has made the list 24 times overall. This is her 14th win in a row, and her 20th win in total, a record number for any man or woman. Eleanor Roosevelt, a favorite for the new face of the $10 bill, comes in second place with 13 first place finishes, followed by President Eisenhower with 12.


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