An aircraft of Jetstar Airways, the budget arm of Qantas Airways, stands at Sydney Airport in Sydney, Australia, on Monday, June 22, 2015.
Photograph by Brendon Thorne — Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Jonathan Chew
December 28, 2015

A flyer has complained about the “worst flight in [her] life” in a Facebook posting to an airline for giving her a windowless seat.

The dreams of a flight to remember were dashed, according to Nat Pelech’s post, after she found herself in a “claustrophobic, stinky and loud corner” of her Jetstar Australia plane, reported the Daily Telegraph.

“I was looking forward to enjoying the clouds,” she wrote in her Dec. 16 posting, but she was in for a rude shock when the row she was allocated to had this scenic view:

Combine this with the proximity of the seat to the toilet (“where it smells and you hear everyone flushing”) and the noise from the crew (“Right behind you is the chatter and rattle of the flight attendants”), and she termed this the worst of all the flights she had taken. She also later warned flyers to avoid the row when booking tickets.

Jetstar did reply to Nat on Facebook. “I’m sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the seat that was allocated to you on your flight yesterday,” the company said. “It certainly wasn’t our intention for you to be uncomfortable on your journey with us.”

This is not even the first headline-making social media post that the airline has found itself embroiled in recently. According to The Age, television reporter Jodi Lee posted a complaint to the carrier on Facebook for refusing to upgrade her to business class and failing to accommodate her requests to help ease the pain from her injured leg. Her Facebook post included the following image of her leg, which was healing from a torn Achilles tendon:


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