Left to right: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and Ben Carson at Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate on CNBC.
Photograph by Rick Wilking—Getty Images
By Victor Luckerson
October 29, 2015

Fox News thinks it can do a better job hosting a presidential debate than CNBC. Staffers for Fox News and its sibling channel Fox Business openly criticized the way CNBC handled Wednesday night’s Republican debate on Twitter. Fox Business is hosting the next GOP debate on Nov. 10.

Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto sent out this tweet as the CNBC debate was winding down.

The message got more than 1,600 retweets. Other Fox News (FOX) personalities, including Megyn Kelly and John Roberts, also criticized the debate.

It’s not just CNBC’s competitors that are criticizing the network’s handling of the debate. As Time’s Zeek Miller noted, “the CNBC panel found itself overwhelmed by emboldened candidates and underprepared for them to challenge the premise of contentious candidates. The result was the most tumultuous debate of the cycle, rather than the substantive policy debate the network had telegraphed.”

Following Fox, CNN will host the fifth GOP debate on Dec. 15.


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