Image of the Porsche 918 Spyder that was crashed by Paul Bailey at a motor show in Malta.
Courtesy of The Malta Police Force Community and Media Relations Unit
By Benjamin Snyder
October 5, 2015

A British businessman injured over 20 individuals at a Porsche motor show in Malta after crashing the vehicle he was driving, the BBC reported Monday.

Paul Bailey lost control of a Porsche 918 Spyder at an airport taxiway at the Paqpaqli motor show when a wheel hit grass.

A six-year-old girl was among those critically injured in the crash, as well as four others who were placed in intensive care after the incident, the Guardian reported. According to the newspaper, a total of 28 people were injured in the crash, including the driver. They are reportedly in stable condition.

“I saw people thrown in the air, children on the ground, and women crying and screaming,” said Romanian photographer Christian Nicodimescu to Malta’s TVM.

As the Guardian reported:

Bailey and his wife Selena sold their phone conferencing business, Worldwide Group Holdings, in 2012 for £28m. Bailey, who is from the east Midlands in England, is director of Horsepower Racing UK, a company that hires out race cars. He is well known for his large collection of supercars, including an £866,000 McLaren P1 and £1.2m customised Ferrari.

The Porsche is among three supercars owned by Bailey known as the “holy trinity” after he became the first person to buy all three, with a combined value of about £3m.

The remainder of the motor show has been cancelled, according to the Guardian.


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