Los Angeles
Photograph by Frederic J. Brown — AFP/Getty Images
By Chris Matthews
September 4, 2015

Gas prices across America will be, on average, 99 cents cheaper this Labor Day weekend than they were last, according to the gas-pricing website GasBuddy.

“I’m sure motorists will have plenty of company on the nation’s thoroughfares this weekend,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.com.

In some states, you’ll find cheaper gas than others. 19 states have at least one location in which it’s possible to find gas under $2.00 per gallon, while South Carolina is the only state where the average price of gas is under $2 per gallon. Motorists in the South will face the cheapest gas in the nation, with more than 40% of locations in states like Alabama and Mississippi giving riders gas for less than 2 bucks per gallon.







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