Courtesy of Neuhaus
By Shivani Vora
June 17, 2015

Good alcohol shouldn’t be saved just for drinking. A handful of high-end chocolatiers have confections with top quality booze as part of their collections, and though Clay Gordon, the author of the book “Discover Chocolate,” says that these usually aren’t top sellers compared to other flavors, they should still be appreciated.

“Chocolates with spirits generally aren’t super popular in the United States, but well made ones have finesse and sophistication,” he said.

Liqueur chocolates traditionally come in either a ganache style or in an intense filled form which gush out upon biting. The latter are like edible shots according to Mr. Gordon because they are made with more alcohol than their comparatively understated counterparts.

Whether you’re into a buzz or just want a taste of booze from your chocolate, below are six upscale varieties worth the expense—and the calories.



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