This city in Texas tops the list.
Photograph by Don Klumpp—Getty Images
By Claire Zillman
May 21, 2015

The Census Bureau on Thursday released its latest data tracking the nation’s population shifts from July 2013 to July 2014, resulting in a new list of American boomtowns. A quick glance at the list tells us one thing: Texas is blowing up.

Five of the ten fastest growing cities with 50,000 residents or more are in the Lone Star State. Top among them is San Marcos, which snagged the fastest growing title for the third year running. The city saw its population climb 7.9% between 2013 and 2014.

San Marcos’s growth is attributable to its status as a college town; it’s home to Texas State University. It also offers job opportunities in both Austin and San Antonio since it sits between the two employment hubs.

Here’s a full rundown of the top ten:

1. San Marcos, Texas grew 7.9%
Population: 58,892

2. Georgetown, Texas grew 7.6%
Population: 59,102

3. Doral, Florida grew 7%
Population: 54,116

4. Frisco, Texas grew 5.8%
Population: 145,035

5. South Jordan, Utah grew 5.7%
Population: 62,781

6. Conroe, Texas grew 5.2%
Population: 65,871

7. McKinney, Texas grew 5.1%
Population: 156,767

8. Milpitas, California grew 5.1%
Population: 73,672

9. Meridian, Idaho grew 5.1%
Population: 87,743

10. Castle Rock, Colorado grew 4.9%
Population: 55,747


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