Courtesy of Versace
By Colleen Kane
May 17, 2015

A $17,000 solid white gold diamond pacifier was featured around the Internet back in 2006, reportedly made by It’s My Binky, which no longer has an operational website. Perhaps the $17,000 pacifier did not become the new bronzed baby shoes, as the promotional copy ventured.

But there are still many ways to spend more than what some people earn in a week, a year, or a lifetime on something a baby will soon cover in various bodily fluids and other substances while having zero awareness of what a status symbol is. Designer brands have discovered the baby market, and the luxury baby market is estimated to be more than $10 billion, according to Bloomberg.

What follows are a few examples of basic baby needs at non-basic prices. We’ll start off somewhat gently, and top off in the stratosphere.

$175 Onesie

Courtesy of Versace

Basic baby bodysuits tend to run from $5 to maybe $25 for one with a pithy saying on it. So it raises eyebrows when this “short romper” is selling for $175. But why wouldn’t it cost $175? A baby could get a solid several wears out of this tiny cotton outfit before outgrowing it or it gets too stained to wear.

And look: It’s got a Medusa-head pattern. It contains elastane. It’s made in Italy.

Most importantly, it has the word “Versace” on the tag.

$345 Baby Rattle

Courtesy of Petit Tresor

This monogrammable sterling silver modern version of the classic toy comes at a not-so-classic price. However, it may be the item on this list most likely to stand the test of time and get passed along to future babies. This same online store also sells a $399 silver sippy cup.

$495 Shoes

Courtesy of Gucci

These Gucci baby loafers come in three colors, and they have elastic to help hold them on. Those characteristics are to be expected. The next part of their description is less common, but not unheard of for a designer shoe: they have palladium horsebit details, and they’re made in Italy. Final descriptors, least common: these baby shoes are made out of python skin, they cost $495, and they are for babies — who are not walking yet.

$636 Blanket

Courtesy of Baby CZ

The Baby CZ by Carolina Zapf cable knit blanket is crafted from cashmere which was collected by hand from Kashmir goats of Mongolia.

This cashmere care advice from the Baby CZ website may prove especially relevant: “Stains on cashmere should be treated immediately.”

$1,200 High Chair

Courtesy of

This oval high chair from the artisan collection on Posh Tots is custom made to order from kiln-dried Mora wood. The back and seat look like leather but are made from the more practical vinyl.

High chairs in the Distressed Sage color option may show macerated peas in less contrast than the Distressed Ivory option.

$4,600 Pram

Courtesy of Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition

Babies who wish to impress with their ride, take note. The handcrafted Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition 2014 is still available for sale exclusively from Harrods, although it was made in a worldwide “strictly limited edition” of 600.

Each convertible carriage/stroller comes with a chrome Limited Edition plaque with its issue number. Features include a cashmere jacquard baby blanket, sheepskin stroller seat liner, detachable shopping basket, leather accents, air-ride suspension, touch perfect handling, a lightweight magnesium alloy structure, and puncture-proof tires on Aston Martin-designed alloy wheels.

$15 Million Bassinet

Courtesy of Ximo Talamantes

Usually when babies are crying in their bassinets, it is because their bassinets exhibit inferior design and lack of luxury qualities. That would never happen in this limited edition, solid gold Dodo Bassinet from Suommo, by designer and Suommo CEO Ximo Talamantes, dubbed “The most expensive crib of golden dreams in the world.”

The bedding is crafted from silk, Pima cotton and gold yarn embroidery. The buyer can spend even more on this bassinet by personalizing it with engravings of diamonds and white gold (approx. $110,000) or diamonds and pure gold ( approx. $105,000). The Dodo Bassinet also comes in white and rose gold, relative bargains at about $15,000 and $282,000 respectively. But why skimp? Only the best for the infant who will not remember any of this.


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