By Mark Koba
March 18, 2015

Most people in olden days worked until they physically couldn’t or were forced out of a job as they aged. The idea of retirement didn’t really take hold in the industrialized world until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

These days, retirement can mean more rounds of golf, jumping into a new career or business, or finally starting that non-profit start up that’s been a long time desire.

But it can also mean less income while living expenses remain the same or go up.

Planning for retirement is never easy. While there are programs like Social Security to help ease the financial burden, most workers have to depend on savings, 401k’s and the dwindling number of pension plans that some companies offer, to see them through their after-work years.

Some businesses try to help their employees plan ahead. We found some of the best to help their employees plan for the days when they don’t have to show up at work. Here they are.


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