By Laura Lorenzetti
March 11, 2015

Health care is undergoing a radical change as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act transforms access to insurance coverage, while the cost of health care continues to grow. One study estimates that about 90% of workers at S&P 500 companies who currently receive insurance through their workplaces will enter government exchanges by 2020, according to S&P Capital IQ. That could end up saving the biggest U.S. companies nearly $700 billion between 2016 and 2025, the S&P researchers found.

The move parallels that of retirement plans over the last several decades and could signal a sea-change: Workers could one day manage their own health insurance like they do their 401(k) plans, with only a defined contribution from their employer.

Against this backdrop, it’s all the more surprising to find major corporations that are still willing (and able) to cover 100% of their employee’s healthcare premiums. Some companies like Nugget Market have fought hard to maintain the benefit, while others, like Ultimate Software, feel that it ends up helping the bottom line. All 11 of the companies agree that taking care of their employees is central to running a good business.


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