By Polina Marinova
March 4, 2015

PowerToFly President Katharine Zaleski says she “committed a long list of infractions against mothers” in her prior roles at the Huffington Post and then the Washington Post. In a candid essay for Fortune, Zaleski issued a public apology to all the mothers whose work ethic she “silently slandered.” She even admitted to “dissing” one potential business partner — Cathy Sharick, a former managing editor — after seeing the “endless photos of her small children” on her desk. Sharick and Zaleski now work together at PowerToFly. The story went viral on social media, and some of you had pretty strong opinions about the piece. Here’s what the Twitter world had to say.

For one, Sharick accepted Zaleski’s apology:

Other readers did too, but not without reservation:

On The Today Show this morning, Zaleski said she was expecting more negativity, but people’s reaction has been overwhelmingly positive:

Of course, some readers weren’t so quick to accept Zaleski’s apology:

What’s next?

We might be hearing from Zaleski again soon:


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