The Bundesfinanzminister meets Greece's Minister of Awesome.
Photograph by Krisztian Bocsi — Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Geoffrey Smith
February 27, 2015

(contains strong language)

Germany may have the fourth largest economy in the world, second largest gold reserves (don’t ask where it came from) and a celebrated sense of humour but they don’t have the hippest finance minister in the world.

Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, a self-confessed “eccentric Marxist” who until recently was a professor of economics at Austin University, rides a motorbike, wears leather jackets, never wears a tie and petrifies Germany–according to this video, V for Varoufakis, made by ZDFNeo, a German television channel that targets the 18-45 age group.

Greeks may wish Varoufakis had a greater impact than the video suggests. For now, they remain shackled to the bailout agreement that has forced five years of austerity on them. Germany’s parliament Friday voted to keep the bailout alive until June, which will mean that Greece can still access over €13 billion (($14.5 billion) in funds if it carries on doing the reforms that Germany and other creditors insist on. If it doesn’t, well, it may well need a real-life Minister of Awesome.



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