An image released in 2013 by Elon Musk, is a sketch of the Hyperloop capsule with passengers onboard.
Sketch by Tesla Motors/AP
By Benjamin Snyder
February 26, 2015

Elon Musk’s futuristic Hyperloop tube-based transit system is getting a lot closer to happening.

A company called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies says it’s ready to build a five-mile prototype track for the Hyperloop system first proposed by Musk in a 2013 paper. HTT plans to build the track in California’s Quay Valley for an estimated $100 million, according to CNBC.

The prototype Hyperloop track won’t have the distance or supersonic speeds Musk originally desired, though.

“It’s not a test track,” HTT CEO Dirk Ahlborn told Wired of the Hyperloop project. “Speed is not really what we want to test here.”

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies isn’t the only group working on a Hyperloop prototype: Musk himself tweeted last month he’s working on a test track “most likely in Texas.”

The Hyperloop is a theoretical system in which passenger-carrying vessels would blast through low-pressure tubes at ultra-high speeds with the help of induction motors and air compressors.


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