Jamie Dimon, chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase
Photo by Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Stephen Gandel
February 26, 2015

On Thursday, British bank Standard Chartered hired Bill Winters as its chief executive. You may recognize Winters, who has been in hibernation for the past few years running a small asset management firm. But before that, he was a top executive at JPMorgan Chase. In September 2008, Fortune dubbed Winters, along with then-CFO Heidi Miller among others, Dimon’s Swat Team, in an article about how the bank had managed to avoid the worst of the financial crisis that had begun to unfurl.

Winters was considered a potential successor to Dimon. But in 2009, he was abruptly ousted from the bank by the JPMorgan CEO. A Wall Street Journal article published Thursday reported that Winters had told friends he was shown the door because he never really believed in the universal banking model of combining an investment bank with a traditional lender. Of course, that model has worked out very well for Dimon. And now it looks like Winters, the former investment banker, is embracing the lending business as well. Standard Chartered (STAN) is a very large commercial bank.

Winters was one of the first members of Dimon’s swat team to leave JPMorgan. Since then, nearly all of those executives have left the bank, many in the wake of JPMorgan’s $6 billion so-called London Whale trading loss. Winters and the others likely felt that they were ready to run their own firms, and Jamie Dimon was not ready to stop running his. Whatever the reason, JPMorgan, under Dimon’s tutelage, has proven to be a viable training ground for future CEOs. These days, a growing number of large financial firms are now run by ex-JPMorganites. Here’s where they have landed:


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