By Phil Wahba
November 26, 2014

When you show up at your favorite store on Thanksgiving night looking for that big deal on a smart TV, you will probably be too busy to think about all the work—and science—that went into prepping the place, from putting up signage, to laying out and replenishing the merchandise, to establishing safety protocols.

For a big-box store like Target (TGT), it takes pretty much a small village to make the Black Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping extravaganza go off without a hitch.

One such village is the 170,000-square-foot Target store in Westbury, N.Y., where Tony Roman, senior group vice president overseeing the retailer’s stores in Greater New York, gave Fortune a tour this week ahead of Thanksgiving. (Target stores open at 6 p.m. on the holiday.)

Below, in loosely chronological order, is how this Target gets ready in the days before Thanksgiving evening.


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