By Colleen Leahey
February 6, 2014

Hillary Clinton

Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter handle: @hillaryclinton
Followers (as of May 28): 1.44M

While Clinton’s fans wait for the former Secretary of State to announce a run for the U.S. presidency in 2016, they can follow her feed’s blend of serious, reflective, and witty tweets — like the one above.

Samantha Power

Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter handle: @ambassadorpower
Followers (as of May 28): 77.8K

Samantha Power became the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in August, using Twitter to raise awareness about global issues she passionately tackles. She’s constantly tweeting and keeps her thousands of followers steadily updated.

Christine Lagarde

Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter handle: @Lagarde
Followers (as of May 28): 202K

The French Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund shares her thoughts about countries’ economies via polished 140-character posts, often linking back to articles on the IMF’s official website and occasionally tweeting professional pictures of her and other global leaders.

Sarah Brown

Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter handle: @SarahBrownUK
Followers (as of May 28): 1.21M

The socially savvy former first lady—she’s married to Gordon Brown, U.K. prime minister from 2007-2010—doles out the perfect mix of charity focused tweets (she started kids’ education non-profit TheirWorld) and peeks into her day-to-day interests.

Marissa Mayer

Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter handle: @marissamayer
Followers (as of May 28): 588K

Filled with emoticons and updates about the company she joined in July 2012, Mayer uses the platform to interact with Yahoo’s users and provide them with updates. Don’t expect her links to go far beyond her company’s world — they typically lead to content on Flickr, Tumblr, and — and in early November, she RT’ed dozens of users’ tweets saying they would use Yahoo as their primary email account.

Rania Al Abdullah

Courtesy: Instagram

Twitter handle: @QueenRania
Followers (as of May 28): 3.18M

The Queen of Jordan focuses her time on humanitarian efforts in her country, and often tweets about that sort of work. But she also gives followers an intimate view into her daily life, often posting Instagram pictures of her kids and husband, King Abdullah II.

Cristina Kirchner

Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter handle: @CFKArgentina
Followers (as of May 28): 2.72M

The Argentinian president uses Twitter to update her country, often voicing her opinions on various issues. (Though she’s be notably silent on the country’s currency crisis.) She also shares pictures — like the one above, with Brazilian president Dilma Rouseff — with her 2.5 million followers. (Translation: “We were very moved when we saw each other. She hadn’t seen me since the operation.”)

Dilma Rouseff

Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter handle: @dilmabr
Followers (as of May 28): 2.31M

The president of Brazil tweets often, and even resorts to the social platform’s Vine offerings, sharing videos and inside looks into her country as it prepares to host the 2014 World Cup. (Translation: The legacy of #CopaDasCopas of Brazil…investment in urban mobility)

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