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Since 1995, the Fortune Global ForumSM has been hosted by the editors of Fortune magazine in great cities on the dynamic frontiers of global business. The Forum creates a valuable opportunity for the CEOs of the world’s biggest multinational companies to engage in discussions that not only identify best practices but also offer a common roadmap that addresses complex global issues.

A redirection of global energy flows and the remaking of geopolitical alliances across the Middle East have recently shifted the world’s attention to the Gulf region. And no better driver of this momentum exists than the UAE, a powerful player in the global economy, a leader in sustainable development and entrepreneurship, and a leading destination for trade, tourism, and global convening.

On the heels of the famed Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and on the cusp of COP28, the Fortune Global Forum will spotlight the UAE’s leadership in the region, its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, and its distinctive role as a global innovation and trading hub. Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE and the largest emirate, is home to a vast array of businesses at the forefront of innovation across many sectors, including financial services and agtech. In addition to world-class infrastructure, Abu Dhabi offers an accessible location, a competitive tax system, and a multicultural environment that attracts talent from around the world.

The Forum will feature the hallmarks of all Fortune live events: engaging content, impactful networking, meaningful takeaways, and the very best in curated activities, cuisine, and entertainment.

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The business world has entered one of the most exciting and yet challenging periods in recent memory. While the long era of globalization created economic benefit for both industrialized nations and emerging markets, a slow unraveling has been taking shape. The world’s two largest economies–the United States and China–continue to decouple, with the potential for massive consequences. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted global supply chains, strained energy markets worldwide, and altered the power balance across the European Union.

As the world moves toward multipolarity, economic systems–including cross-border trade, foreign investments, and global markets–are being reimagined, with profound implications for CEOs, investors, and consumers.Science and A.I. technologies are now solving problems great and small–from climate risk to existential health crises–but they also pose new threats. And, as inflation drives up costs, it has become critical for companies to show consumers they are doing more than maximizing shareholder returns. Such seismic shifts in the marketplace have left companies with no choice but to accelerate transformation or risk total disruption.

Enter a “New Era for Business,” where CEOs and their companies have come to realize not only their pivotal role in driving lasting and positive societal change, but also the great responsibility that accompanies such power. With the role of multinational business and economic policy at a crossroads, the best companies are reinventing both mission and manner and turning challenges into opportunities for renewal and growth.

Our program will address six core themes influencing the direction of global business today:

  • Market and Trade Dynamics
  • Geopolitical Tides
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Talent Shortages and Workplace Shifts
  • Climate Risk
  • Consumer Trends.

In addition, participants will be invited to engage in peer-to-peer conversations that encourage new thinking and groundbreaking solutions in these key sectors:  

  • Finance and Capital Markets
  • Mobility
  • Food & Agriculture 
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Health


All items are in UAE Standard Time time. Click on the agenda items to find out more.
Monday 27 Nov, 2023
14 - 15:30
Industry Tours
16 - 18:00
Opening Main Stage Sessions
18:30 - 21:30
Opening Reception and Dinner


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The Global Forum program will be developed with the guidance of FORTUNE editors, whose journalistic perspective provides unique insights into the key trends and dynamic people that are driving business. Each program is tailored to the immediate needs of its audience, with themes and speakers carefully selected to deliver maximum value.

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Participation at the 2023 Fortune Global Forum is by invitation only. Registrations are non-transferable. The normal registration fee of $8,500 includes the complete program, conference materials and meals. Participants are responsible for their own travel and hotel charges


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A limited number of corporate sponsorships are available for 2023. Please contact us for more information.
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