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Witherspoon, 42, has established herself as a bona fide mogul with a string of production successes on the silver screen (Wild, Gone Girl). She’s also an integral player in the current golden age of TV with the acclaimed HBO miniseries Big Little Lies, now filming its second season. That’s not the only way in which she has upended what has traditionally been a boys’ club: Witherspoon, along with costar Nicole Kidman, will earn approximately $1 million per episode for season two, and HBO bosses recently acknowledged that Witherspoon’s voice and role in the Time’s Up movement motivated them to address gender pay gaps across the network. Witherspoon has also established herself as a social media maven, reaching millions of followers with a millennial-friendly book club and a Southern-inspired clothing line, Draper James. She recently inked a deal with Apple to produce and star in an as-yet-untitled series about backstage drama at a morning talk show.