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  • Title
    Commissioner for Competition
  • Affiliation
    European Union

Vestager didn’t need the benefit of hindsight. Long before the outrage at Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, and before “fake news” was even a thing, the Danish-born EU commissioner was thoughtfully and assiduously regulating Big Tech. Amazon, Google, and their ilk may be disruptive, they may even be changing the world, but Vestager—an iPhone user who is active on Twitter—has treated the companies as subject to the same rules as any other. She slapped Apple with a $14.5 billion tax bill in 2016 after declaring its tax benefits in Ireland illegal—Tim Cook lost his cool and called it “total political crap”—and fined Alphabet $2.7 billion for antitrust violations in 2017. Politicians and regulators worldwide—from India to Brazil to, yes, the U.S.—are now following her lead.