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  • Title
    Host and Reporter
  • Affiliation
    Aristegui Noticias

If the Fourth Estate is under siege worldwide, Aristegui stands as an immovable pillar. In Mexico, where nearly 100 journalists have been murdered or have disappeared in the past decade, Aristegui has spent 20 years exposing high-level corruption as a radio host and as the anchor of a show on CNN Español. She recently showed her reach and put pressure on the nation’s elite when her website, Aristegui Noticias, reported an alleged conflict of interest involving Mexico’s first lady, a contractor, and a $7 million home purchase.


“Aristegui is an example of what journalism should aspire to be: someone who courageously pursues the truth, holds power accountable, and defends democracy.”—Michael Schlein, President and CEO, Accion