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  • Title
    Chief Justice
  • Affiliation
    U.S. Supreme Court

No one doubts it’s the Roberts Court now. At age 60, and already in his 10th year in the role, the Chief Justice of the United States commands universal respect, even from the far older members of the ferociously polarized panel. Administratively, he leads not only “the nine,” but also some 180 appellate judges, 680 district judges, 350 bankruptcy judges, 550 magistrate judges, and the 28-judge Judicial Conference. In the Supreme Court’s rightward journey, it is Roberts, one the capital’s few remaining statesmen, who is setting the pace on how fast—and the limit on how far. This term his historic votes (and behind-the-scenes influence) will very likely determine if Obamacare survives and same-sex marriage receives constitutional benediction.