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iPhone 11 Pro: Who Exactly Is it For?

September 11, 2019 20:38 PM UTC
- Updated December 31, 2019 08:50 AM UTC

More cameras, less money.

[ MUSIC ] Welcome to Fortune Tech Debate where we discuss the issues of the day in two minutes. Today we're talking about the new iPhone 11 Pro, who it's for and whether it's worth getting. David, What do you think? I think this is a phone for somebody who's willing to spend a pretty significant chunk of money Have the absolute best. The Pro has the best battery and some interesting camera stuff. But the differences are pretty marginal. So I you know, personally I'm not sure I find it worth it. That's fair but I mean mean, especially things like the camera, they added a whole new lens. That stuff that people really care about. It's one of the biggest decisions that people make for what phone to get. You know, it's a real thing that people use and care about. So I don't know if it's fair to say It's a really minor change cuz it's not just people upgrading from the 10 or the 10 S. They're upgrading, maybe, from the 7 or 8. True, and the Pro phone has some interesting stuff. You get depth. You get portrait mode. And I'm sure it'll produce some amazing images. But the battery for example, you get like an extra hour, you get 17 hours worth of video versus 18 hours. It's just such a minor little thing that like. Why not just get the 11 if you're upgrading even from the 10S? I mean, okay listen, when I'm out and my battery is dying, I want that extra hour. There's a real use case for getting that extra hour that I don't think we're giving enough credit to. Okay, but you also have to actually look at the phone occasionally, and this thing looks like an alien. Come on. It's got three giant lenses. Strap it to your forehead, go out with the Navy Seals [ LAUGH ] It does not look that bad. That's such an exaggeration. If we're talking about minor updates, it looks pretty similar to the last model even I don't know I'm wanting to push back a little like the changes that they made are things that people care about. People wanna make sure that their battery doesn't die on them. They wanna make sure the camera is going to give them the best experience and it looks fine I think. I just don't know about the name in particular, it's not a pro. If you're a professional, you're not gonna use this. This is a phone for instance. Instagram boyfriends. Maybe they're professional Instagram boyfriends. Like we are using pro a little too much but it's separting itself from the pact. Well that's all the time we have. Come to fortune. com for more debatae. [ MUSIC ]