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Will the Nintendo Switch Lite Be as Popular as the Original?

July 10, 2019 20:58 PM UTC
- Updated December 31, 2019 05:50 AM UTC

For $100 less, it just might.

[ MUSIC ] Welcome to porch and tech debate where we discuss the issues of the day in two minutes. Today we're talking about Nintendo's new switch light, which is a handheld more portable version of their switch console and whether or not it will be a success for the company. Robert, what do you think? You know, maybe there are some people out there for whom this device will be suitable. But personally, I think that Nintendo is gonna have a hard time selling this. A lot of the avid gamers out there, Nintendo's target market, they have switches already this has been available for years now and they've already shelled out $ 300 to get their hands on it. So why are they gonna go out and buy something now that's worth $ 200 and has less capability than the other thing they already have? It's a good point that you make. The Switch has sold very well, but I think this will attract more The family market, younger players that haven't actually sold into that $ 300 price point yet. I think this is when they'll say yes I want to buy it. And you also have the hardcore gamer market which the Switch has done well with. And that is absolutely a market that will say, if I want this specific experience, I will totally shell out $ 200 to get that Here's the thing though the world has shifted, it has moved on everybody now has smartphones, everybody is playing free to play games, there's the Fortnite craze that's been happening, and that's what people that's where you need to meet gamers in that space, you don't have to sell them new custom hardware i think Nintendo is gonna have a hard time justifying their business model Of having these new sorts of devices to sell people when you've already got devices out there people can use to play these sorts of games and not spend more money on them. Sure, yeah, phones are the most pervasive product out there at this point, but you know, you can play for at night on the switch and you'll probably be able to play it better. It's more powerful and you don't have to worry about your phone dying the middle of the day. You know, sometimes people don't want to rely on their phone for gaming. Which is totally valid. Ultimately Nintendo needs a product that's going to shift its sales into high gear and this isn't the one that's gonna do it. You know like you said it's $ 200, they need a product that's gonna be totally different from what they have now. The Switch is out there and that has been successful but this is just a stop gap measure for them to get their revenue up. They really need something, some new breakout product if they're gonna keep, Succeeding. I disagree. The switch has been super successful. And they've had so much successf with hand- helds in the past. But that's all the time we have for today. Come to fortune. com for more Tech Debate. [ MUSIC ] [ BLANK_AUDIO ]