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The importance of cybersecurity and government working together

November 16, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated November 16, 2021 20:16 PM UTC

Kiersten Todt of CISA and Christian Brose of Anduril Industries discuss.

Kirsten, I want to ask you about a couple of things you're doing at cisa in august you've launched a joint cyber defense collaborative JC Dc, another acronym. Love it. Um which is a public, private, public private cyber defense initiative. You've enlisted amazon google Microsoft and other companies to be involved. How is that going to work? What are the top objectives for that and what does that enable you to do that you weren't doing? So I think for those of us that have been in the space for a long time, we've heard the term public private partnership a lot so much that it's lost a lot of meaning. And so what this is doing is sort of taking that approach and turning it on its side because it's really about operational collaboration. And you know, I've had a lot of thinking around is this a concept that could have succeeded a few years ago and I'm not actually sure that it could have because one of the things that solar winds demonstrated was that the private sector has enormous intelligence capability on each of its own companies. Industry, our government has capabilities in understanding nation state activity. And when you marry these capabilities, pre event before something happens, the ability to be resilient and to truly prevent something or at least understand where it's coming from. So that not only the company, the industry that's being attacked is aware, but you can share that information. This operational collaboration has already been put into effect and has had some successes and it is going to expand out to different companies, but the idea here is really to bring industry and government together before something happens, it's also the only type of collaboration that's in statute. So it's bringing together the full resources of the government cyber com, defense intelligence as well as civilian agencies with industry. Uh and I think again, there is an interesting time right now that we are at where industry and government have a much different approach to working together than they've had. And so that effectiveness and the efficiency is already showing some progress in some. When I could just say briefly, this is super important. You know, when I was in government three years ago, the thing that we were all struggling with was, you know, who is responsible for what um, you know, when is a private company responsible for defending itself in this kind of gray zone, is it really responsible for defending itself when it's being attacked by a peer adversary with nation level capability? You know, at what point does the government really have to take responsibility for that? The ability to actually begin marrying in an operational sense is super important and chris I think it that's so important because, you know, when we were just talking about this before a few years ago, you know, we recognize that cyber is the only domain where we asked industry to defend itself. So having that type of pre event works so that you're not sort of in a time of crisis trying to figure out where the marks are for who does what, but there's actually a benefit to working together, and it's not seen as a penalty is an important progress.