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The New Apple/Aetna Partnership Could Spell Trouble Down the Road

January 30, 2019 20:56 PM UTC
- Updated December 31, 2019 02:49 AM UTC

They launched a new health app, “Attain.”

[ MUSIC ] Welcome to Fortune Tech Debate where we discuss the issues of the day in two minutes. Today we are talking about Apple and their partnership with Aetna for [ UNKNOWN ]. It's a new app That will allow you to get up and move, and maybe win a prize, even an Apple Watch. Paulina, what do you think? I think it's great. I think everybody, especially in recent days, blasting these large tech companies over taking our data away from us for free, and not compensating us. So now, I think what Aetna and Apple are doing, which is good, is that they're saying, hey We would like to use your data and we will compensate you in the form of an Amazon gift card or a donation to your favorite charity, so I'm all about it. Yeah, I mean it's definitely great to, you know, encourage people. I also wonder if maybe this is a promotional Tool. So Aetna buys these watches from Apple, they get more Apple Watch sales. But I also wonder if right now that data is more of an opt- in kind of deal, if eventually this is the first step towards health insurance companies asking you directly to use these Apple Watches and to share your data And then either if you don't, you have to pay a lot more. And it's a slope that I think we maybe shouldn't go down. That is a worry for the future, but right now both companies have made it very clear that You opt into every step of the data sharing process. Your data is held in HIPBATH- compliant servers, so they do not know who you are as an individual, and how many steps you've taken. And so they will not increase your price or your coverage. Right, I just still wonder, right now they're not, and what other Options are there and my biggest concern is that sometimes these watches aren't that effective. I have mine. I love it. But I wouldn't necessarily rely on it as a health device in the way that Apple seems to continuously be purporting it to be. They are, but I do think the larger purpose here is Not so much to tell you, hey, you have this chronic illness. It's more about, hey, maybe you haven't moved at all today. Maybe you should take a walk and that's a good thing. Yeah, that definitely is. Maybe I'm being a cynic and I'm only seeing the dark side. But that's all the time we have for today. Come to fortune. com for more tech debate. [ MUSIC ] [ BLANK_AUDIO ]