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Reimagining retail with A.I. technology

November 08, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated November 09, 2021 00:12 AM UTC

Leaders from Lowe’s and Levi Strauss explain how A.I. is improving their products and services.

how about, let's go to computer vision. That's where we've seen a lot of the big breakthroughs and deep learning, you know, identifying objects and images. And I'm sure both of you have very interesting use cases, Katia, maybe if you want to start, if you're looking at a computer vision, certainly. So at Levi Strauss and company, we talk about applying artificial intelligence to three areas within the company. One is smarter creation and it's amazing what you can do, not replacing designers but augmenting their work. Um, so this year, in order to make sure that when we got more skilled people, not just 12 people, but more skilled people in the company who knew the industry, but also we're going to pick up machine learning skills. We created a machine learning boot camp, we would take people who had been in the company. Um, and had always wanted to pick up some analytical skills but had not had that chance. We extracted them from their day job for eight weeks, We put them full time in a very intense bootcamp. We call it a boot camp for a reason, it is not a summer camp. And they did pick up a lot of skills, computer link, large computer vision they learned. They uh, so we have beginner and advanced classrooms and the beginner classrooms picked up python data exploration modeling, the advanced classroom picked up neural networks, computer vision and natural language processing. And so with some of those graduates, one of them is in design. He's actually applying computer vision today to create new Levi's trucker jacket. So imagine a neural network that he created a style transfer algorithms. He's feeding thousands of art images into the iconic Levi's trucker jacket. This is a kind of it and outcomes a van Gogh, starry night Levi's trucker jacket or a David Hockney Levi's trucker jacket or a Jasper, johns Levi's trucker jacket, which we're going to actually manufacture. That is mind blowing and it's completely new and it's done by someone who just pick up machine learning skills on that's a use case of training and actual applicant application of training and workforce. How about yourself, what are you using some of these technologies for? You know, it is, these technologies are exciting and can solve a lot of complex problems. We did a press release just today morning and what we're saying is we have now figured out a way to measure your own space with your own iphone. Um, you know, Jonathan, you and I were talking and I was just saying home improvement can be a complex space. For example, if you want to change the carpet of this room, Somebody has to come in measure, look at the corners, are there staircases and then give you an estimate as to how much material, how much labor. But just imagine if you as a homeowner could just hold your iPhone 12 pro or 13, which has lighter technology and just go around the room. The app Lowe's app will give you exact instructions as to how you're walking around And that measures the room. It tells you how much material you need, how much it will cost you and lets you buy it all on the app just by holding your iPhone 12 pro or 13 in your hands. And I'm really excited about it because it is a combination of vision and a our technology. But the most important thing is this, I think the best products we can ever make is to put a I into product and not make it complex for our customers when the customers are using it, they don't know they are using Ai powered product, but they find it really easy to do their most complex task and that's what we are achieving simplicity in design.