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Most important things to know about tech stocks

December 01, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated December 08, 2021 15:54 PM UTC

Mark Mahaney shares what he's learned in almost 25 years of analyzing tech stocks.

So I'm going to summarize this all. If you're gonna remember one thing from this presentation, think. D. H. Q. Not D. Q. That's dairy queen. D. H. Q. Dislocated high quality stocks. What I'm suggesting is you hunt for these high quality stocks of what I just covered companies facing large tams that show relentless and successful. Hopefully product innovation, compelling customer value props and great management teams. You do that and you mitigate one of the two things we're trying to mitigate when we invest. Get rid of the fundamentals risk or at least minimize it. The other thing we're trying to do when we invest is first minimize the fundamental risk and then minimize try to mitigate the evaluation risk. And the way you do that is to wait for stocks to get dislocated because they all get dislocated. They trade off 20 to 30% either on company specific steps are on the market. Every single high quality name has gotten dislocated. That gives you a chance to buy it or to add to positions. Dislocations happen to the best of us. So that's it. 10 timeless lessons in a nutshell. The most important one of which is D. H. Q. S. Hunt for dislocated high quality companies. This is the book they're copies out in the hallway. I think it's going to be a wonderful gift for the holiday season. Thank you fortune for first giving me the opportunity four years ago and for letting me come back today