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Most Powerful Women 2021: Thasunda Brown Duckett 

October 04, 2021 09:30 AM UTC

The CEO of TIAA is only the fourth black woman to ever lead a Fortune 500 company.

if we truly want to change these outcomes, we're going to have to be intentional about the mobility of black americans, brown americans moving into middle class moving up into the ranks and we ourselves have work to do in corporate America to make sure that we do have that representation in those first line jobs moving up to middle management etcetera. Yeah, mm. Yeah. The centre ground deck, it is the ceo of the retirement manager to a she started in that position in May and she's long been a rising star in the finance industry. Most recently, she was the Ceo of Chase consumer banking at JPMorgan. The sunda is known especially for her work on inclusion for people of color in the financial system and that's where she did a J. P. Morgan and she's continuing to do it to a the sunda is one of just two black women to currently be running a Fortune 500 company and she's just the fourth ever to do so.