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Most Powerful Women 2021: Mary Barra

October 04, 2021 09:30 AM UTC

The CEO of GM unveiled a bold plan to completely electrify the automaker’s portfolio of vehicles.

we have a clear role to our owners, our investors and our shareholders that we need to deliver on, you know, superior returns. But I think the way we do that and how we earn customers for life is by being a company that cares about the environment and, you know, has good governance and and respect diversity and human rights. And so those I think are core expectations of a, of a company. Now earlier this year, Meri unveiled one of the most ambitious plans in the auto industry. They plan to be completely electric by 2035 she's investing massive amounts of money to really build out this new fleet. The company has not been without its challenges. Um, it had the chevy bolt recall earlier this year. They've definitely faced issues related to the chip shortage and also the same kind of supply issues that every other company has been facing over the last year and a half.