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Is Netflix Still on Top of the Streaming World?

August 21, 2019 18:02 PM UTC
- Updated February 11, 2020 21:27 PM UTC

Disney and Amazon are creeping their way up.

[ MUSIC ] Welcome to Fortune Tech Debate where we discuss the issues of the day in two minutes. Today we're talking about Netflix and whether it can continue to survive and thrive in a world where so many competitors like Disney Amazon and others are trying to take it down, David Are you longing Netflix? Absolutely not. They had a great headstart, they had 10 years and they were basically the streaming service. But now, everybody is getting into the game, taking back their content. And Netflix is becoming just another channel, another studio, everything depends on what they produce and what they produce can't justify their Frankly, giant valuation right now. They have a giant valuation. And that's because people love Netflix and as you said they've been around for ten plus years, they have so much material. They've got over 5000 things in their catalog and they have 151 million global subscribers. They've got this huge head start a huge lead over all of the other players that are trying to get involved here. You know that gives them a huge runway to stay on top. People love what Netflix was 3 years ago. Netflix as you said has 5000 things in its library. You have 10, 000 and all those subscribers. There's not much switching cost involved. If something comes along it's better you just pull your information off Netflix, cancel you're done. And I just don't see it happening. Those shows that made Netflix iconic, Orange Is The New Black. To decade old house of cards. People love Stranger Things, but you don't, they're not turning out this constant stream of really top tier hits. So it's really a question of what's gonna happen. Well, I disagree with you there. I think that they are churning out hits. They're spending $ 15 billion a year on original programming. Next year, they're slated to spend $ 18 billion. They're just continuing to up the ante here spending more and more money trying to get this awesome blockbuster shows and movies. And it's showing, they're gotten tons of Emmy awards. They received over a 100 last year and also they received four Oscar wins. So. You know they're actually producing and it's showing. Last time I checked Emmys and Oscars don't come with cash prizes. So you have to look at the numbers. Netflix is valued right now a 130 billion dollars. Comcast which owns NBC Universal is valued at 190 billion dollars. There's no way those two should be even anywhere in the same neighborhood. Well it's going to be a stiff competition. That is for sure. Well that's all we've got time for today. Come to Fortune. com for more tech debate. [ MUSIC ] [ BLANK_AUDIO ]