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Innovators in the space industry outline the future of space tech and tourism

November 30, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated December 08, 2021 16:07 PM UTC

The CEOs of XPRIZE and Shift4 discuss the future of space tourism and beyond.

we've tried a little bit about and you've alluded to this Jared just the immense innovation and investment that's happening in the broader sort of space startup ecosystem. And I'm curious to hear from, from each of you what is really driving that innovation and where do you think it's going? Well, I, I think, I mean really it's just you're bringing commercial industry with tech backgrounds that are thinking about things different than way, maybe the government has previously, I think private industry can be phenomenal allocators of capital relative to how the government works at times. And that kind of fresh perspective is what's making like things that were previously only contemplated in science fiction, like a reality now, like landing rockets back on shifts because why would you want to throw them away? But if you're planning 1 $250 million mission every couple of years, um maybe it's not as much of a driving factors when you're like, wow, it maybe the world would be more interesting if everybody gets to go to space so therefore I can't throw away my rocket every single time. And it's just that different way of thinking and that more efficient use of capital, they think driving a lot of the innovation we're seeing six, I think it also presents a sort of a new frontier for business, for humanity, for curiosity and exploration. So I am a tech entrepreneur as well and you know, dating myself back when internet was just becoming the Internet and uh, with Netscape people got access and we're able to innovate then we created the world we live in right now and no one could predict it back then. It was just the space of creativity and innovation and you just opened up access to it made it easier for people to innovate. I think space presents that opportunity, so with lowering the cost of access to space and making it easier for people to use other technology to create new types of businesses um that will mostly uh to be honest with you will benefit humanity here on earth. I think there is room for a lot of growth whether taking some of the industries that are currently on our planet and polluting our planet and having attacks on our planet and moving them into orbit or just looking at resources out in space and how we can tap into the energy of the sun better or the um minerals and and the materials that are on the moon or on the asteroids and help bring those back to help us here and not tap into our core energy and, and resources on earth. I think it's all great opportunities for innovation and a lot of entrepreneurs are now getting the capital investment to do those types of innovation. Absolutely. This, this may be a challenging question uh, one that I think about sometimes as an investor, but when you think about say 100 years from now, what do you imagine maybe in your greatest hopes humanity's relationship with space will look like, I think we will definitely have 100 years. I think we definitely will have it permanent base on the moon. Um there will be regular, you know, transportation between the moon and Earth. Um and uh we will definitely be on mars. Um but you know, we will have outputs for exploration and understanding the risk of our galaxy and beyond. Uh so a lot of expletive non man, um you know, capabilities that we haven't been thinking about. Um and I think um I'm hoping if we can get past our petty differences. Um and uh you know, I I've been looking at the list of, you know, what's on the agenda for the conference and and not just this conference a lot of time, we're talking about all the risk and all the things that are going wrong and all the bad things that are around us, and it's easy to get sucked into this dystopian future. But I think if we can get past that and being in space like there, it said, it gives us this new opportunity to really re look at our universe and and see it from a different perspective and then let go of this, you know, uh small things that we worry about them fight over and then see if we work together, there's so much more out there for everyone and everything we want to do. Um then there's a very deep hopeful future for the humanity that we can achieve 100 years.