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How Dwyane Wade aims to maintain positive social impact

November 30, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated December 08, 2021 16:07 PM UTC

The NBA superstar joins Ryan Smith of Qualtrics on a panel to discuss role of sports in transforming communities.

Derek Anderson from Betty wanted to ask you guys in the last year uh what you've done with the team from a social impact perspective has been really unique and we started to see it across all sorts of different sports teams and all the leagues. How do you all think about impacting the world with the platform that you have be great if you guys could talk about in circle as well? Yeah, why don't we go for? Uh So for me it starts at home first um you know, I think, you know, I grew up with this mentality about togetherness, about I play a team sport understanding to be successful, we have to do things you know together. Um and so in my household we just took a approached of, you know, parents don't know everything and so we started to listen to our kids And so you know, our daughter, Zia is 14, came out as transgender two years ago and from that we try to learn more and understand more. We try to understand our daughter more, but we try to understand more about the L G B T Q plus community. And that was actually one of the things that when we were talking about this partnership, you know, Ryan and Dan and Tim Cook all being a part of encircle um actually took it to my 12 year old daughter. It was like what do you think about this? Do you think this is a human being I should be, you know, partners with. Um and it just fit with, you know what, I know my family and I are trying to do is we're not trying to, to, we're not trying to change anyone um, mentality what we're trying to do is understanding that we're in the world um where we can think different, it's not just one way to be, it's not one way to think and you know, we're trying to showcase that from our work as a family and our foundation, but also to encircle in, in what, you know what Ryan and tim and, and everyone's a part of the building uh, in Utah, I got the opportunity to go to it, uh Derek and it was just chills, you know, my body to know that these, these kids have someone to talk to a therapist on site at all times to talk about the things that they're dealing with and what they're going through to have people really care about, you know, them individually, it wholeheartedly, um it's powerful. So you know, just want to make sure that understanding that the spotlight that you have, the microphones you have is not just used for, you is used for, you know, this entire world and right now it's a lot of problems in the world and it's a lot of solutions for those problems and encircle has become a part of the solution in Utah. So I'm excited to have been and been a part of this. Yeah, I think, I think the, the businesses that were a part of our, the biggest opportunity to drive impact and, you know, one of the biggest fears that I've always had was not being a part or affiliated with the business and then just being an individual trying to do impact. Yes, it's not as big as the platform. Well, one of the biggest platforms in the world is the NBA what it does in our community is that actually it's something that most people can agree on that brings people together in the world, that we're divided everywhere. And so what we're trying to do is with our players, with our coaches, with the community, basically show show the world like this is what we stand for from this platform. So one of things we launched last year was for every jazz win. We're giving a four year scholarship To an underrepresented minority. We won 60 games last year and those 60 kids are going to college now And, you know, we're already up to 16 games this year. And so whether it's the scholarship, whether it's um in circle, it's just we we have a responsibility to stand up and say this is what we're about and um, that's how we tend to use it