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Fortune Creator 25: Shirley Raines

October 07, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated October 07, 2021 21:13 PM UTC

Shirley Raines wants to make a big difference in homeless communities by sharing her content on TikTok and IG.

Hi, my name is Shirley Raines. I'm founder abuse to the streets speaking to the streets is a nonprofit organization that takes care of the homeless community in skid row California. I've been creating content on social media for about six years. I started creating content when I began to see the homeless community, I realized there was so much that I didn't know about the homeless community and I want to enlighten everyone else. So I thought it was important to change the narrative and I thought it was important to do that by posting videos. I post videos of when we feed um interactions when the homeless say they have needs, um anything that I feel like it's relatable and can help us understand their struggles in which we can probably are hopefully trying to find a way to help them. Um I created Thousands of posts. I can't remember how many posts I've created, but I've created thousands of posts over the last 5-6 years. I would describe my approach as I want to see that with creative. I would say I'm more factual. I don't create content. I show the content authority out there in the streets, I show what the community is going through. I show the needs and I show how we can help as a community as well. I think I admire everyone in the creative space. I think it takes a lot of courage these days to get on social media to create content to open yourself up to criticism, critique. Um so I admire anybody that has the ability and the courage to get on social media and create whatever kind of content is they want to create. What I love most about being a part of this community is the platform, the ability to share what's going on with our communities, the ability to help change the narrative, the ability to bring help to the streets and get resources for the people. So I think this is an amazing opportunity, amazing platform social media allows us to reach out all over the world and get help for our family members right here in our own community and backyard.