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Fortune Creator 25: Ryan Kaji

October 07, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated October 07, 2021 21:12 PM UTC

Millions of parents and kids alike have become semipermanent residents of Ryan’s World.

Uh huh. Mhm Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm an entertainer, content creator and big brother. I make fun and awesome videos with my family on our Youtube channel run. I also have my own show on nick Jr paul, Ryan Houston plating dr guests. I love to swim, playing video games with my friends and hang out with my little sister. Mhm. My family and I have been creating videos for 2015. Right now. We have over 30 million subscribers on our YouTube channel in 52 billion views. We have made thousands of videos since we first started, I am super into gaming, so we create lots of gaming videos together. I also eat one video, whole family like challenges and playing board games. Wait dude, learning huge science experiments, D I. Y projects and other subjects that I think our entry, I like making videos that fun interesting or something I'm curious about. Of course my family helps a lot. The best part is knowing that my videos make kids smile and I'm connecting and making friends from all over the world. I guess the hardest part is that there are so many different video ideas that I want to make and there are many things that I still want to learn to do. Like I wanted to be able to learn how to edit or film this video by myself. However, I'm still a kid, so my parents are lending, I'm sort of time to do other activities outside of filmmaking. Mhm. Mhm. I first started watching Evan to babe see the actual show and glitzy, those cranes inspire me to want to start my own Youtube channel. I love being a part of the community because I feel like people on Youtube have created a whole new world where you can use your imagination and inspire others. We're creating videos that we love and I'm happy that other parents and kids like watching too.