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Congress Responds to Intelligence Committee's Trump Impeachment Reports

April 28, 2020 20:38 PM UTC
- Updated April 28, 2020 20:38 PM UTC

The impeachment probe continues.

the president of states solicited foreign interference in our election and used the power of his office the power to convene a meeting in the Oval Office, the power to provide her with hold hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to an ally at war to get his political dirty work done. Um, the only question is how much Maur, How more extensive was the scheme? How many others may have been involved? What was the full knowledge and participation of other parties? And while we intend to get the answers to those questions and let the American people know the full facts, we do not intend to delay when the integrity of the next election is still a risk, despite the fact that the speaker of the House said that the evidence, if we're gonna move forward on impeachment, needs to be clear, compelling and bipartisan, the Democrats failed on every single one of those counts. The Democrats essentially stack the deck in their favor, and despite the fact that they did this and even with every unfair advantage and unprecedented advantage they gave themselves, including preventing the president from having any access to the proceedings, preventing his counsel from having any purchase patient in the proceedings. They now have come out of this and fundamentally failed to prove their case. The president's not sending a council of War, and he shouldn't send accounts Car because there's nothing for them to ask. Why would they want to sit back through a constitutional law class, which most of them had to suffer through in law school Tomorrow provides nothing except a dreary I'd drowsy, approachable for this country to watch is the impeachment process slowly drags on with no direction, no focus, because they're having one big problem. And the big problem is the president did nothing wrong and they can't prove it. We have provided overwhelming evidence in this report of a scheme to pressure the current president of Ukraine to conduct these political investigations. Um, will it move others if we're able to show that this was not the first time this was the second time? Um, I think what we have produced ah in in remarkable short order. It's so overwhelming that it ought to be presented to the Judiciary Committee now, without any further delay. Um, if we do uncover additional evidence and we do learn more every day we will feel free to file supplemental reports to the Judiciary Committee. But there is, I think, rave rest of the country with waiting until we have every last fact when we already know enough about the president's misconduct to make a responsible judgment about whether we think that's compatible with the office of the Presidency. But he's very fair, which I'm hearing as example. I just heard today, uh, they get three constitutional lawyers. So not just wasting that. And we get one. Okay, now nobody has to know anything about constitutional law, but they get three and we get what, uh, just But that's the way it is for the Here is we don't get a lawyer. We don't get any with. We want Biden. We want the son Hunter wears out there. We want the sun. We want chips. We want to interview these people. Well, they said, no, you can't do it. We can't do it. So what? It's there. It will be fair in the Senate. I would love to have my mom. I'd love to have mixed. I'd love to have repaired and many other people, but I don't want to testify. When this is a total six, you know that fixes a sick. The Republicans have never been stronger, never been more unified. The Democrats have gone crazy. You know what? They have to be careful because when the shoe's on the other foot, and someday, hopefully in a very long, distant future, you'll have a Democrat president. You have Republican have, and they'll do the same thing because somebody picked in our Jennifer refrigerator and you don't like it. So let's go and Beecham's No, that's not the way our country is supposed to be run.