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Brainstorm Design: In Focus - The World of Smells

January 03, 2020 17:02 PM UTC
- Updated February 18, 2020 13:10 PM UTC

Renowned smell researcher and artist Sissel Tolaas shares her passion for our olfactory sense.

Let's bring back joy and placing us through life. What makes us human is that we have emotions, Phil. If we don't start to think that serious, we may be soon Have any adult. We thought of life using all over senses for the purpose of finding out what's going on. Who are we and what are the issues? Vision. It's a sense of family dominance, how we understand the world by only using vision. We are missing out quiet, essential infamy. Not only are we missing out, but we also cleaning and sanitizing the world around them. To such an extent, it's not any more healthy for the body. The surrounding other planet we live a multiple realities, the invisible reality. The real reality seems to be forgotten. These particles are providing information beyond any other type of you. We breathe up to 24,000 times a day. We moved 12 7 including me to air with our break. That briefing is essential to being a lot. We have no prejudices towards smell were born neutral humans, cockroaches and rats of the biggest generals on planet Earth. The purpose of the nose is to find food and partner don't forget. Next time you put a perfume on your skin, the brain is a very sophisticated device. If you feed it with different type of information, it's a stop it. And to make sense out of it, I started a journey in 1995 trying to use my interface nose for the purpose of understanding the world, literally exploring the world as a doc. And this is the world map so far in my lap. These are projects have been doing over the last 20 years, and there's a whole planet on the whole earth and ocean to smell. So my job is not company that what are the issues I'm looking into? The list is long. I decided not to focus on being organic chemistry in my lab, but being out in the field if how I do it, showing up is half my job. So here I am in the ocean, putting myself with my devices, collected invisible information for the purpose, understand the world beyond the way it looks, and the issues are many and the topics are intense. What I do with all that information, this is the days I've been collecting the molecules that I've been scanning. These are the identification off those molecules, and this is my lab and believe, consisting of 6000 molecule that already have been used for generation to be placed, an abstract flurries and all type of bad looking containers. So in 2004 I decided to want to change the I started to collaborate with one of the biggest corporation in the world that have been doing all that work where well, for far too long to look into it. We can also do the upper literally show what's going on there before we decide to cover it up. So some other topic are here to the next life. This is about preservation. An amplification off history in the artist is the coach him in Kerala. This is about fear and tolerance towards the other. The wall is embedded with smell molecules, so you have to interact with the wall to understand who is the person rather than just looking at person. The smell provide information that trigger your emotion is the quickest time off any kind of sense trigger emotion. I think it's a census learning in the context of emotion. It's essential for mankind and this happened the first period of life from 0 to 30. I think it's important to bring back this experience back to what we do. Joy and playfulness and emotion is essential to moving on. Navigation. Also, technology we can use to navigate understanding the surrounding mapping the city on behalf of horse meow Trying to communicate this in the dictionary I've been doing for 20 years, consisting of 3000 terminologies around how to communicate smell beyond hedonic, meaning it move back. Language is essential to understand smoke. Functional smile is a big issue. This is a molecule that defense attractive and make you have gets more attention. Dissident Object. You can place a molecule inside of a single molecule. We've been testing have a specific function. This is self defense, a project I'm working on. The India sexual heroism put this little jewelry and who scare whoever tried to attack You smell and memory is very sensible. We learn in the context of a smell you'll never forget it. This experience, they would you till you die. And whenever you smell it again later alive, you hardly recognize it because it's already in your subconscious. So today you will have a card get laid for you for to remember this conference. His postcard is made specifically for this. A big provide added in Australia a couple of years ago when I looked into the history of it in ditches a very, very devastating topics. And could a smell artifact be a new way to understand this issue? So we did a lot of the trying to get segments of the year. The Earth collected smell molecules from different rituals performed by for me for a formal for the ditches and with the result I embedded us now with a nano technology. Am I on this wall? This is the National Gallery Victoria in Melbourne. So the only way you could understand this object is by interacting with them. By using your and your breathing, you suddenly got a narrative which then came out of the surface of this. Another project I'm working on in Detroit for the Ford Foundation is how to play life and living a experiences into an artifact off the future. So these objects are treaty princes. The small molecule structure determined the shape all the object. You take it off the cell you interacted object and you smell different aspect of life in the streets off the story. So these objects again placed in a complex. Let's see your museum. You are finally allowed to interact with architect. Normally this artifact a place behind glass and you have no access to with whatsoever, meaning you have no access to having the experience of what this moment, what this object potentially could tell you. This is the newest project I've been working on for a year or two collaborating. I think the collaboration is the new competition. So this collaboration between Ginko Biotech, Christine Aga Practice and basic Ginsburg we've sequenced the DNA from extinct plants at Harvard a barium, and were able to detect molecules of his plans, which I then replicated, um, as close up to the findings as possible. In total, we have tree plant mm. Two of them are now on display at the Pompidou and then broken nature in Milano. So collaboration. I think it's essential to getting things done, and these are some of the displays, and this is a smell memory kit that I developed. Look here, which look into the issue on memory and a very holistic way, literally playing homos to memory. So if you have a moment, you don't want to snap it away. Always. We just worked for him, were snapping away reality with nothing away over live. We don't even know where we have bean who we were with. So in this case, you can give that moment and abstract smell coat, which is also what you have on the postcard that you've got. I just know this cold will remind you off this conference for the rest of your life. So please don't throw it away. Send it to yourself. And when you come home, you're like, Ah, yes, report. Wow. What's what, Piper? I'm forgettable. So this is a very efficient way to remember important moment of your life. So here I have a database. 1500 molecules. What is essential here is that those molecules they can't if it smell again. Apple lemon. No, no, you name it. I say it. You already have the association. So it really look into neuroscience and understand the first moment. It's essential. So the first moment you smelled smoke today is today. So the company code, you actually it will stay with that smell forever. Like gas. Gas. Don't have a smoke. 18 26. Three molecules was placed on the top of gas to make it at that. Defy a ball so that whenever the gas was leaking, you could smell it. Princip behind this coding exactly the same. So not only am I simulating replicating smell from the reality for various, but I'm most looking at the chemistry. Chemical compounds smell molecules, functional purpose. And we have a lot off measuring and tasting testing equipment. Biofeedback, emery, Ever more. I get to see that these molecules actually have evidence. I am. That's a lot of money at a time. If I want to place my mother somewhere, I have to places in the future. The Children in the future. So here I go on my journeys. The first on my agenda is here's works up on chemistry. What does it mean? What does this know? Me? Style is a complex thing. Modern one molecule. We're surrounded by trillions of molecules and we breathe them and making that fact accessible for Children essential to also understanding what I do in the end of the day. So the kids are learning what it means to have senses, and most of them have no clue because they're born literally that activators sense of looking both more than ending over very early. This is kids with disability and smelling for the first time activator emotion and is without doubt that this slide to the right is mellow. So maybe next time we speak about the devastating things happening to our surroundings in this case, the ocean maybe we need toys for Children that kindergarden to play with the smell of the issues in the ocean in a playful way, add back a different type of rhetorical. Two words. The issues that surround us and different type of B s is to understand the world. We live in an appropriate way, holistic way, using our emotions what I tried to do with my work. Thank you very much.