Have you noticed the new “friends” icon?

MaintenanceNet’s sales technology will help Cisco partners capture more business. The deal follows two other big Cisco acquisitions.

CloudHarmony provided independent cloud benchmarking services to help customers make their decisions. Now it, or at least its founder, is part of Gartner.

Brendan Iribe weighs in on the launch strategy for games for his company’s highly anticipated Rift headset.

Jeff Jarvis says Facebook has certain responsibilities because it is such a powerful platform for news, but it’s not clear the social network agrees.

A push by major mobile phone companies to use unlicensed frequencies could end up pushing consumers off of their own networks.

It’s the first time since Google launched the project in 2009 that the company has conducted extended testing outside of California.

Supply constraints make up only part of the story behind Samsung’s seventh straight profit decline.