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10 work-from-home jobs that don’t require talking on the phone (and pay up to $80K)

April 27, 2023, 1:49 PM UTC
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These jobs can be a great option for any those who have a noisy household, a sporadic schedule, or phone anxiety.
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The benefits of working from home may be a hot topic of debate among companies, but when it comes to their workers, most are all for it. When people have the chance to work flexibly, 87% of them take it, according to a survey by McKinsey. And that rings true across various demographics, occupations, and geographies. 

Some may appreciate avoiding long commutes, while others may enjoy spending more time around their families and pets. For those who have a noisy household, sporadic schedule, or phone anxiety, some work-from-home jobs also provide a way to earn money without actually having to speak to anyone.

“Communication will always be important, but what we’ve learned over the years is there are a number of ways to communicate effectively that don’t necessarily involve face-to-face or verbal communication,” says Christy Pruitt-Haynes, global head of the talent and performance practice at the NeuroLeadership Institute. “The most important thing is that an individual is able to convey their thoughts and ideas, ask questions, and deliver work projects in an effective way that works for them and their organization.” Pruitt-Haynes says that as long as someone can demonstrate they’re capable of doing that with minimal conversation, they immediately become an asset to their organization.

As far as locating and securing a work-from-home job that requires minimal verbal or face-to-face interaction, Pruitt-Haynes says it’s a similar process to finding any other role: “The most important feature is knowing exactly what you’re looking for, and looking for organizations that are open to various means of communication.”

10 WFH jobs that don’t require talking over phone or video

While you probably can’t avoid a face-to-face job interview or periodic check-ins with your boss, there are several legitimate work-from-home careers that don’t require talking on the phone or video chatting to perform the main job functions. So if you’re looking for a way to earn money while working independently, consider the following options.

1. Chat customer service agent

These days, businesses are looking to connect with customers and provide support through every channel possible. That includes live chat, social media, text, and email. As a chat customer service agent, you provide that support by answering questions, troubleshooting problems, and more, all without speaking with customers on the phone or over video. 

To qualify for this type of job, you’ll need to be a proficient typist with excellent spelling and grammar skills. You should also be fairly tech-savvy. Hourly wages for a chat customer service representative typically fall between $16 to $20, with an average of $18 per hour.

2. Transcriber

Another way to put top-notch typing skills to use—and work independently—is by transcribing audio and visual files into written documents for businesses. In addition to being a fast and accurate typist (you should be able to type at least 70 WPM), you also need to be great at listening and spelling, and have excellent attention to detail. 

There are many types of transcribing jobs, including marketing, medical, and legal. The typical entry-level salary for an audio transcriptionist ranges between $45,100 and $56,400, with an average of $50,600 annually. 

3. Community moderator

If you enjoy spending your time online and interacting with others via social media, you may want to consider a job as a community moderator. These marketing professionals monitor discussions and debates for a company or brand. 

As a community moderator, you’ll oversee online forums, groups, or social media accounts to ensure the rules are followed, questions are answered, and spam is removed. Entry-level salaries for a community moderator generally range between $38,166 to $55,624 annually, with an average of $45,512 annually.

4. Virtual assistant

For those who are great at managing many day-to-day tasks and staying organized, working as a virtual assistant could be a great remote job that allows you to avoid the phone. VAs perform various administrative tasks such as answering emails, data entry, bookkeeping, proofreading, research, et cetera. Some virtual assistant positions, such as those that support sales teams or top executives, may require making or receiving phone calls, but plenty exist that don’t involve phones.

A virtual personal assistant’s typical entry-level salary range is $30,233 to $37,287 per year, with an average of 33,447 annually.

5. Freelance writer or editor 

If you’re good at editing and writing content and have great time and project management skills, consider freelance writing or editing. You can set your rates and work much or as little as you like. You can also decide what types of clients you want to work with, including those that collaborate over tools such as email or Slack rather than the phone or Zoom. 

Freelance writers can bill for their work a number of ways, but it’s common to get paid per project. Entry-level freelance writers typically earn between $46,378 and $64,392 per year, with an average salary of $56,060. Editors typically charge an hourly rate, which ranges between $27 and $35 per hour for an entry-level position, with the average being $31 per hour. 

6. Graphic designer

Another creative career that allows you to work from home independently is graphic design. Using software like Photoshop or Canva, you can create visual content for print or web. You might work on creating logos, digital illustrations, advertisements, product packaging, and more. 

Graphic designers can work as freelancers or as part of a full-time, in-house team. Typical entry-level salaries for graphic designers range between $51,901 and $66,501, with an average salary of $58,201 per year.

7. Data entry clerk

Data entry involves gathering and entering information into a database, spreadsheet, or other type of document. Some positions may also involve visualizing that data with graphs and charts. Many businesses outsource data entry jobs, which you can easily do at home on your own. 

You’ll need fast and accurate typing skills, as well as great attention to detail. In some cases, you may also need excellent research skills or specialized software knowledge. The typical entry-level salary range for a data entry clerk is between $32,957 and $41,538, with the average being $36,794 per year.

8. Data scientist

If you love sifting through numbers and spreadsheets, you may make a great data scientist. This job involves helping companies solve problems and make decisions by analyzing complex sets of data, interpreting and synthesizing the information, and providing reports to business stakeholders. 

You’ll need a strong background in math, statistics, or economics to get a job as a data scientist. The good news is that with more specialized expertise comes higher pay. Entry-level salaries for data scientists range between $66,948 and $81,161 annually, with the average being $74,678.

9. Software developer

Another career for the technically minded, working as a software developer can easily be done from home and usually doesn’t require interaction on a day-to-day basis. In this role, you’ll create code for software and updates, look for ways to improve existing software systems, create operational manuals, and more. 

Most software developers need a degree in software engineering, computer science, or a related field. The entry-level salary range for a software developer is usually around $69,490 to $83,390 per year, with an average of $75,790 annually.

10. Closed captioner

A closed captioner writes the text that appears on screen when you’re watching TV, a movie, broadcast, or other type of video, so that those who cannot hear the audio can read what’s being said. This is another position that requires excellent listening and typing skills. While some closed captioners work live events, you can also choose a role where you transcribe audio from prerecorded video files at home.

The entry-level salary range for a closed captioning job is from $45,878 to $65,674 per year, with an average salary of $53,997.

The takeaway 

Not everyone feels comfortable picking up the phone or sitting in front of a camera. Fortunately, there are many jobs that offer the ability to work independently from home, without the need to make calls.

The exact roles and pay available to you will depend on your location, skills, experience, and more. But whether you’re looking for a side hustle to give your budget some more breathing room, or a full-time career with benefits like health insurance and a 401(k), there are opportunities for just about anyone willing to take the time and find them.

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