IBM - Most Admired 2016
NEW YORK CITY, NY- MAY 27: Fredrik Tunvall, a senior client engagement leader at IBM Watson, goes through a demonstration in the Immersion Room. IBM's Watson computer is best known for winning Jeopardy, unaware of time constraints, while playing against humans. Some of Watson's other features are based in problem solving across many different careers. A demonstration showed how quickly Watson is able to diagnose illnesses, and provided a real life case that took doctors and nurses six days to diagnose, and only ended with the correct diagnosis because a nurse had seen the disease before. Based on symptoms input, Watson was able to correctly diagnose in minutes. The demonstration took place at IBM Watson's New York City, New York office on May 27, 2015. (Photo by Andrew Spear for The Washington Post via Getty Images.)Photograph by Andrew Spear for The Washington Post via Getty Images.

    Company Info

    IndustryInformation Technology Services
    Industry Rank2
    Previous Industry Rank2
    Overall Score6.7
    LocationArmonk, N.Y.
    Fortune 500 Rank24
    Fortune 500
    Global 500 Rank82
    Global 500

    Key Attributes of Reputation

    People Management2
    Use of Corporate Assets2
    Social Responsibility1
    Quality of Management5
    Financial Soundness2
    Long-Term Investment Value4
    Quality of Products/Services3
    Global Competitiveness2