Goodlife Pharmacy

Courtesy of Goodlife Pharmacy

    In just seven years, Goodlife has become East Africa’s largest pharmacy group, reaching 1.68 million customers through its 81 stores in Kenya and Uganda. That’s a lightning-fast business success story, but also a big and important boost for public health in the region, where informal pharmacies and counterfeit drugs have been persistent hazards. Goodlife was founded to ensure low- and middle-income consumers in Kenya could access affordable, high-quality medications; it estimates that half its customers earn only $2 to $10 a day. The company, which has a thriving e-pharmacy platform and offers health services including flu shots, lab work, and telehealth appointments, aims to have more than 250 stores and reach 5.5 million customers by 2025.

    Company information

    CEOAmaan Khalfan
    No. of employees321
    InvestorsLeapFrog Investments