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Courtesy of BrowzWear

    Initially inspired by two computer science graduates who wanted to create virtual fitting rooms, Browzwear has been inventing innovative 3D software for the fashion industry for over 20 years—and tackling fabric waste in the process. Its core product, called VStitcher, enables designers to create 3D clothing prototypes from 2D design. The software aims to replicate the design’s draping, movement, and fit perfectly the first time, reducing the back-and-forth between brands and manufacturers. Browzwear says the software reduces physical sample production by 80%—a meaningful impact, given that as much as 12% of all fabric produced worldwide winds up being discarded on factory floors.

    Companies like Walmart, Target, and Lululemon are using Browzwear’s software to sell more and manufacture less, improving both their economic results and ecological sustainability in an industry that has historically struggled with clothing waste. Browzwear has maintained 40% year-over-year growth over the past five years; it received its first institutional investment, a $35 million infusion from Radian Capital, in August, and has plans to triple its global workforce to around 400 over the next two years.

    Company information

    CEOSharon Lim and Avihay Feld
    No. of employees140
    InvestorsRadian Capital, Closed Loop Partners