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    In-home health care is a crucial option for aging people with chronic health issues—AlayaCare estimates that it’s 80% cheaper than receiving care in a nursing home. But high employee turnover and inefficient data systems keep many home-care agencies from providing quality services. AlayaCare aims to streamline and improve in-home care with cloud-based software that can help schedule health care workers, handle payroll, provide care checklists for patients, and facilitate uploading of clinical documentation via mobile or web. The idea is to make life easier for both the care provider and the patient by centralizing information in one place. The platform also offers a family portal through which patients’ loved ones can get updates.

    Operating in Canada, Australia, and the U.S., AlayaCare has over 500 customers, including U.S. agencies with patients covered by Medicaid, which has a particularly complicated billing process. AlayaCare says its machine-learning team will soon have enough data to help provide additional care to the patients it serves—for example, by helping caregivers anticipate situations that need early intervention and by identifying situations in which intensive medical care can be offered in the home to prevent hospital overcrowding.

    Company information

    CEOAdrian Schauer
    No. of employees105
    InvestorsCDPQ, Inovia, Investissement Québec, Fonds Innovexport, Desjardins Innovatech, Generation