Courtesy of Treedots

    Focused on eliminating wasteful food loss, TreeDots works to ensure that the excess inventory of food manufacturers and suppliers does not have a one-way ticket to the landfill. Instead, the three-year-old company helps suppliers sell their surplus to grocery businesses at a discount, making ThreeDots Asia’s first B2B platform specializing in that space. As of July 2020, TreeDots has diverted 2,356 tons of food from landfills: In terms of waste and carbon emissions reduced, the company estimates that’s equivalent to providing 69.5 million people with drinking water for a year, and to taking 4,587 cars off the road for a year. TreeDots also has a smaller business-to-consumer arm that serves dozens of communities across Singapore. The company hopes to open offices in two more countries and increase its environmental impact ten-fold by mid-2022.

    Company information

    CEOTylor Jong
    No. of employees (approximate)51
    InvestorsSEEDS Capital, Amasia