Uli Kunz—Courtesy of Veramaris

    The oceans are ailing, overfished, and overtaken in places by island-size masses of plastic waste. Enter the sciencedriven multinational DSM, which is betting big on innovations to protect the oceans. Its Dyneema-brand fiber—the world’s strongest—is being used by the Ocean Cleanup, an organization that attacks trash drifts (in September, they’re going after the Great Pacific Garbage Patch). And a new venture aims to make aquaculture sustainable by using algae to produce omega-3 fatty acids. Previously that substance, a vital feed ingredient for farmed fish, could be sourced only from wild fish, and the harvest of omega-3 has played a big role in the depletion of the wild stock. DSM’s sustainability-minded strategy has paid off for investors; its stock price has climbed 61% in the past five years.

    Company Information

    Impact SegmentEnvironmental Impact
    CEOFeike Sijbesma
    Company TypePublic
    Revenues ($M) (Last Fiscal Year)$9,752
    Profits ($M) (Last Fiscal Year)$1,999
    Market Value ($M)$18,621