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    During the 2009 elections in Afghanistan, Taliban insurgents trained their weapons on a new target: cellphone towers belonging to Roshan, the country’s largest telecommunications provider. Eighteen towers worth $14 million were bombed—and still Roshan refused to pay the extortion money that would have protected them from such acts. Perhaps no other company on this list operates under such stress, and yet Roshan has become a foundational cornerstone for a new, developing Afghanistan. Founded by the Aga Khan Development Network in 2003, Roshan has given 6 million Afghans cellular service; previously many had to cross the Pakistani border for phone access. The company has plowed more than $600 million back into the country’s infrastructure, with telemedicine projects, schools, and soup kitchens a part of Roshan’s network of compassion.

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    Revenues ($ millions)-
    Company typePrivate
    CEOKarim Jadavjee Khoja
    Impact SegmentEconomic Opportunity/Financial Inclusion

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