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    In the 1990s an exposé about labor conditions in Nike’s overseas factories prompted crippling protests against the global brand. Today the company has regained its customers several times over—in the most recent fiscal year revenues rose 10%, to $30.6 billion—but the company hasn’t let up on its response to the scandal. In an apparel industry where production standards are often fuzzy, Nike zealously audits factories’ ability to meet the company’s labor, health, safety, and environmental targets. In its 2013 fiscal year, 94% of its 785 factories were assessed for compliance; investigators found violations at 16%, down from 29% the previous year. There’s room for improvement, but great strides have been made.

    Company Info

    Revenues ($ millions)30,601
    Company typePublic
    CEOMark G. Parker
    Impact SegmentHuman Rights/Social Justice

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