BANGLADESH: Grameen-Danone Yogurt Factory, Bogra.
Visit to a Grameen center in the village of Desma where ladies have come to pay their loans. Danone reps are meeting with the ladies to explain about their product and to recruit a saleslady. Danone is using the Grameen network to introduce their product and to find salesforce. Bogra, Bangladesh. June 20, 2007.Courtesy of Danone

    Big Food may be baby-stepping toward healthier fare, but Danone (which exited the junk-food biz in 2007) has committed completely. Le roi du lait excels at tailoring products to vulnerable populations, says Inge Kauer, executive director of the Access to Nutrition Index. (Danone topped the index in 2013; a new ranking comes out later this year). After studying the diets of Brazil’s youth, Danone reformulated a bestselling cheese (reducing sugar and adding vitamins) without harming sales. In Bangladesh, children eat 600,000 servings a week of its Shokti-Doi, a nutrient-rich yogurt (made in collaboration with No. 12, Grameen Bank).

    Company Info

    IndustryFood Consumer Products
    Revenues ($ millions)28,048
    Company typePublic
    CEOEmmanuel Faber
    Impact SegmentPublic Health/Nutrition

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