Ryan, LLC

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    Employees say:

    “We had a flexible work environment long before COVID. When we could not go to the office during the pandemic, we already knew what to do to work at home. We did not miss a beat. Actually the firm flourished during the pandemic. Now we can still work from home. Our CEO is the most generous person in the world. When we have team talks, people ask for crazy things, I think, and he almost always says OK. He always says that if we have any issues to email him. He never forgets about the issues. The women that have babies get so much time off to bond with their child, somewhere close to 5 months. That is unheard of. And the fathers get time off also. I am proud to say that I work at Ryan. It truly is a great place to work.”

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    Company Info

    IndustryProfessional Services
    Industry VerticalOther
    HQ LocationDallas
    # Work Sites58
    Web Addresswww.ryan.com
    U.S. Employees2,052
    Worldwide Employees3,505
    % of Women in the Company-
    % of Women in Management (non-Executive)-
    % of Women in Executive/Manager Positions-
    Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)Aug. 03, 2022