World Wide Technology, LLC

    An employee supervisor says: "I am an 'older' woman and this is the first company I have worked for where I can be my honest, kind self. I have always felt empowered to do a great job here and I have always felt I have an equal chance at a position as any man." Read the Great Place to Work review here.

    Company Info

    IndustryInformation Technology
    Industry VerticalHardware, Software, Online Internet Services, IT Consulting, Storage/Data Management
    HQ LocationSt. Louis, Missouri
    U.S. Employees4,673
    Employees (Worldwide)4913
    Total Worldwide [including U.S.] Revenue in the Latest Fiscal Year$10,500,000,000
    # Work Sites41
    Best Companiesyes
    Best Companies Rank56
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    Women in the Organization

    % of Women in the Company-
    % of Women in Management (non-Executive)33%
    % of Women in Executive/Manager Positions10%